Sometimes files need a little extra help.  Utilize our high-end image editing skills to get the perfect print. 


Color Adjustment

We specialize in color.  Not only do we have the keen eye to color correct images, but also to manipulate your files to be the different color or tones you prefer.  A lot of our clients like to have multiple color options and we are always happy to sit down with them and change anything they want in their files!

Photo Retouching

Did you have a blemish on that special day?  Is your photo underexposed?  Do you want to remove that light pole coming out of your head?  We can help!  With our extensive Photoshop knowledge we can have your photos looking just the way you want them to in a matter of minutes!

Image Restoration

A lot of people have old photographs and art that have a lot of wear and tear over the years.  Not to worry!  We can scan in your old photographs and take out that teare/scratch/stain etc.  Not only that, but we can fix the color, bring back color, and get rid of fading.  We can have your photo looking as good as new so you can continue to cherish them for years.