The key to a beautiful reproduction is accurately capturing every color, detail and nuance in your original artwork.


Large Format Scanning

•Betterlight high resolution digital scanning system

•Adjustable equipment in order to properly light your artwork

•Approximately 255mb file in one scan

•Process is fully digital, we eliminate all of the steps in traditional art photography that cause image degradation.

•Accommodate scanning original artwork up to 10 feet by 7 feet.

Flat Bed Scanning

• High resolution flat bed scanners

• Accommodates originals that are 18”x24” or smaller

• From 300dpi - 4800dpi (depending on the size of the original)

• Captures every detail and sharpness to be able to reproduce your artwork at a very large scale

Color Correction

All of our scanning equipment is calibrated to capture the most accurate color. However, nothing will come into the computer looking exactly like the original. We offer three levels of color correction services:

Quick Tweak- ($30) Clean up any dust and blemishes and do a quick color correct to your choice of media. Includes a few proofs.

Gallery Tweak - ($60) Quick Tweak plus extensive color correction and more proofing for those really tricky images.

Additional Editing - ($125/hr) For extensive editing and proofing.