2019 Price Changes

A note for our clients:

Printing pricing at Art Printer has increased by 6%-9% as of February 2019.  Pricing on scanning has not changed.

We pride ourselves on keeping our prices fair and affordable, and we’ve done our research and made sure that our new prices are still very low and competitive. Just like we increased our pricing in 2017, this is done not out of greed, but out of necessity as our costs for media, inks, and rent continue to increase (by a lot!).

Please know that this increase will help us keep our doors open along with paying our very talented employees properly.  It also allows us to keep using high quality archival media and genuine archival inks.  We will also keep our amazing turnaround of 1-3 business days.

We hope you understand and will continue to work and grow with us. This year is going to bring a lot of good changes including new papers and bigger printing options. Stay tuned and thank your for supporting our small business!

Amanda Reyes + the Art Printer Team

A little gift to you!


Note from Amanda-

For those of you who don’t know, I am the owner of Art Printer.  I worked at Art Printer for several years before I purchased it from Adam Redner in 2014.  I was only 27-years-old with a BA in Photography, so the business-owner side of things has been a bit of a learning curve for me to say the least.  It’s been four years now and I’m happy to say Art Printer is going strong!  I’ve managed to keep this place going and growing, along with cultivating an amazing team.  As of this year I have THREE wonderful full-time employees!

 I couldn’t have done this without you.  Every single one of you.  To those clients that have been around since before the transition, thank you for your patience.  I know things have changed slightly as we created a proper protocol, and I appreciate your faith in me while we got things in order. I feel like I’m finally getting a grip on things, and I’m excited to expand what we offer for our clients while keeping the amazing quality and fast turnaround time.  

What I’m trying to say is: thank you all for choosing Art Printer.  Your patronage of my very small business supports the livelihood of this four-person team, and we appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Please enjoy our Holiday Spinner–  a small token of our thanks.  We hope you have a fantastic holiday and a happy New Year!

Amanda Reyes


CLOSED: December 22, 2018 - January 6, 2019
We will return Monday, January 7, 2019

Sorry for any inconvenience.  We're a very small business that believes strongly in mental health.  Giving us a break once in a while helps us maintain a happy and healthy work environment and keeps us excited to help our wonderful customers.  It also gives Amanda time to prepare the new things coming next year...


Price Changes as of 2017

A note to my clients.

Prices at Art Printer increased across the board as of 2017.  Not by a lot, don’t worry!  

I’ve tried my best to keep prices down, but my media and ink prices have increased by a lot in the past two years (canvas by 94% more!) and I have to make sure I can keep my doors open along with paying my very talented employees properly.  Please do know that our quality will never waver; we will always keep using our high quality archival media and genuine archival inks.  We will also keep our amazing turnaround of 1-3 business days.

Please do know that this is not out of greed, but out of necessity.  I’ve done research around town and I’ve made sure our prices are still very low and competitive so we can continue to be an affordable options for everyone.

I hope you all understand and continue to work with us.  Thank you all for your support in my small business and I hope to see new work from you all this year!

Amanda Reyes
Boss Lady
Art Printer

Taste of Washington West 2016!

Join Art Printer at Taste of Washington West!

We are so excited to be a part of the 2nd annual Block Party in association with the Washington West Business District THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2016!

For a special treat, Art Printer will be selling Custom Printed Tote Bags and Art Canvases to paint on at our Painting Station!  Our parking lot will also feature art for sale from our talented friends Jill MarriageAlison PlattShelley Stevens, Andrew Cohen, and Slaveya Minkova, and Daniella Algarate.  There will also be various booths in our lot from local businesses including Fat BabyWheel HouseBoxwoodDown To Earth Natural Soap, and Path of Life Numerology Jewelry!

Art Printer loves working with the neighborhood and creating a real community feel.  We hope you all will be able to join us and check out our neighboring businesses!

Thank you all for your continued support and amazing work!

Happy Hollidays from Art Printer

Art Printer has a lot to be grateful for this year, and it's all thanks to our wonderful clients like you!  To help celebrate the end of 2015, we have a couple special offers to show our gratitude... Enjoy!

For any order placed on 12/10.  Guaranteed to be done by 12/18.

For any order placed on 12/10.  Guaranteed to be done by 12/18.

Includes picture insert of your choice!

Includes picture insert of your choice!

Creative Gift Ideas

Still looking for gift ideas?  Here's a few that we can help you with!

   1.  The Photo on Canvas
Go big, go small, go anywhere in-between with this one-stop gift idea. It’s clean, simple, and comes ready to hang right when you pick it up. You want to know the best part? It just takes a few clicks to get 1, 3, or 20 of your favorite photos on premium archival canvas. Click HERE to place your order so you can start relaxing early this year.

   2.  The Photo Album
Do you have a special someone in your life? Me neither. But if you answered yes, then you inevitably have some great photos (probably on your iPhone) of your adventures, dates, and embarrassing snapshots that deserve to be printed!  Don’t let those memories get pushed to the top of your photostream--put them in a photo album this year for a sweet and thoughtful gift

   3.  The Art Reproduction
Here’s where things get interesting. If you have drawings, paintings, doodles, collages, old photos, or even a cool poster you want to share this year, just bring it into Art Printer and we’ll take care of the rest!  Now here’s a game changer for ya: instead of your kids drawing on the walls this year, get some markers and paper in the mix, then bring those magnificent original artworks to Art Printer, and viola! You’ve got yourself gifts no one can resist.

Washington West Business District

We are so proud to be associated with the other businesses in our area!  Building a community  is very important to us, and we're excited to work together to put on special events.  Check out the other specials going on this week!


Our first ART SHOW!

I have wanted to do an art show here for 4 years. FOUR YEARS.  We have such diverse clients, and I think it would be wonderful to create a space where they can all come together and share their work.  I thought for sure, once I bought the business, I would do it right away.  Of course, it's easier said then done.  Luckily, we weren't able to because we were so freaking busy!  We have been growing steadily in the last 15 months, primarily because of my fantastic and talented staff (I'm a lucky gal!).

Thankfully, an opportunity presented itself.  Culver City's West Washington Blvd. has come together to form a district called "Washington West Business District."  We're all small, unique businesses that have a LOT to offer.  As a district, we are putting on an event to reach out to the community.  We hope to do this several times a year.  Our first event is THE TASTE OF WASHINGTON WEST on Saturday, October 17, 2015 from 4-7pm!

Art Printer will be featuring our first ART SHOW, photo booth, games, freebees and more!  We are featuring many of our talented clients including Andrew Cohen, Elwood Risk, Gus Harper, Hattie BrownHugo Martinez, Jenny Ulmer, Kelly Hoffman, Molly Gruninger, Mannolo Sanz, and Outi Harma.  Not only that, but we will also be selling the art on our walls!

I hope everyone joins in on the fun that we have to offer, and to check out our neighbor businesses!

Thank you all for your continued support and amazing work!

Amanda Reyes
Boss Lady

P.S. Check out the event flyers below: